Sunday, August 25, 2013


This five-song EP is as fresh and fun as it was when it was first recorded in the late 1980s.  It’s full of unexpected twists and turns while retaining the beat and a playful sense of joy.   rapid-I was one of the few jazz-punk bands to emerge from the West Coast during the 1980s, which makes the EP even more of a bright spot for collectors and fans of that era; It’s sort of Barney Miller crossed with James Chance, New Style pulls you into the groove and occasionally spits you back out, but never leaves you too far from getting back into the beat.  It never takes itself too seriously....this is No Wave that's on the funkier side. The music is full of percussion, sharp guitar hooks, bass-heavy bottom with a sense of precision while remaining loose and spirited.  The EP contains a full-length version of the title song and a shorter radio version that stands on its own.  This is another of the long-lost gems of Seattle proto-grunge that deserves to be heard and enjoyed.  The music was released in the mid-2010s but it's still available.  CLICK HERE!

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