Friday, January 15, 2010

GIVE US SOME SLACK!  "Bigger than Breakfast is the 1988 debut album by Slack, a white funk quartet from Portland, Oregon. The album conjures an 11-song spell pulled from rap, fusion, punk, psychedelia, jazz, and croquet. Put an Oregon moontan on a skateboard, give it a dance beat and a groove so scorchin' it can dehydrate a fern bar, and you've drafted Slack. From the comedic temporary amnesia of "Brain Toast" to the tater-tot frustration of "Out to Lunch" to the gentle contemplation of "Spiders," Slack's varied stand-up attacked not only shoots to your soul, it could alter your DNA“. Bigger than Breakfast was the first LP produced by trombonist Bruce Fowler, a veteran of Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa’s recording and performing bands. It’s a perfect antidote for those who pine for the days when alt/funk/jazz was fueled by erratic horns and clumsy lyrics instead of highly polished synthetic, soul-less sounds. Slack were indisputable masters of the kind of sweaty, alcohol-fueled live sets that often resulted in hangovers and poor choices in sex partners. Bigger Than Breakfast might not result in a trip to rehab, but it captures the essence of whiteboy funk perfectly.

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