Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DANCING DOWN CIVILIZATION Suppose Nino Rota got drunk with John Phillip Sousa in the back room of a Hollywood soundstage. Suppose they're joined by a couple of organ grinders from a failed traveling acrobatics troupe. Suppose they pick up an Asian chanteuse at the corner dive, and together stagger home to drink, sing, and dance till the light of dawn. The music produced from such a meeting of the minds (or mindless debauchery) might describe The Fibonaccis, a headshrinkin' espresso-fueled ensemble equal parts Berlin cabaret, Sicilian dirge, and hip-shakin' Watusi mating ritual. Hard to label? Yep. Hard to enjoy? Never! The Fibonaccis, who swiped their name from a thirteenth-century Italian mathematician, molded disparate exotic tastes into an act of musical chicanery, pleasing but deceiving to the eye and ear. Twenty-two years after it’s original release, their ground-breaking Civilization and It’s Discotheques sounds as confoundingly ahead-of-it’s time as ever. Make no mistake, this was no ordinary sideshow-barking gang of geeks. This was a band with entrails. Return to the future with one of the most remarkable underground bands of the 1980’s with this classic slab of vinyl. The Fibonaccis' traveling carnival will take the detour to your town, and hold you open-mouthed and spellbound with their sprightly tales and twisted oompahpah.

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