Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NW PUNK ROCK : 30 PLUS YEARS OF PUNK ROCK For two years Dave Alexander searched attics, basements and various storage lockers to come up with live clips of some of the Northwest’s best punk rock. Along the way he interviewed people like Joey Shithead (D.O.A) and Mark Arm (Mudhoney) to help tell the story of 30 years of hardcore punk from Vancouver BC, through Bellingham, Seattle and Olympia WA and on to Portland and Eugene OR. Dave’s D.I.Y. production culminated in this 2 DVD documentary. It shows the passion and life-blood of NW hardcore punk through it’s infancy to it’s current incarnation. It’s a gritty, down-to-earth and totally chaotic celebration. It contains little-seen archival footage of some of the Northwest’s legendary bands shot at some of the Northwest’s most famous punk venues: The Metropolis and The Funhouse in Seattle; Satyricon in Portland, and more. An entire disc is devoted to live music and the other is documentary, with an incredible line-up of bands. The Dishrags, Subhumans, The Fartz, Maggot Brains, Hot rod Lunatics, Solger, The Rickets, The Meyce, Mr. Epp and the Calculations, Zipgun, D.O.A., The Slashers, Subvert, The Insurgence, The Rebel Spell, TBA, Leper, The Dreadful Children, Potbelly, Swads, The Furies, Flash, Fitz of Depression….and….let me catch my breath….more. The 2 disc DVD is available now through our mail order catalogue for only $9.98.…yeah, that’s right…less than 10 smackeroos. Just click on the handy link to your right >

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